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Spouses, Civil Partners and Unmarried Partners


British citizens or those who are settled in the UK may wish to be joined by their spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner.


The requirements to be met by applicants under these routes are very similar. Those who are married or in a civil partnership must provide their marriage or civil partnership certificate and those who are unmarried partners will instead be required to evidence that they have been living together in a relationship akin to marriage for the last two years.


Fiancé and Proposed Civil Partners


The UK Fiance visa category is for engaged partners of British citizens or persons with indefinite leave to remain who wish to enter the UK and marry within 6 months of their arrival.  An application for a UK Fiance visa must be made from outside the UK.


Adult Dependent Relative


The Adult Dependant Relative visa is designed to enable adult relatives who need to be cared for to come to the UK to live with a qualifying relative who is living permanently in the UK.

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