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Our services at
Cooper Tuff Consultancy

Our consultant will assess and advise accurately in any category of UK Immigration or British Nationality, most of which are listed and more fully detailed in this website - select from the menu on the right of this page to see the subjects available. While we do not handle Asylum cases, we can direct you to other firms that can help you with these enquiries.

Our initial assessment When you contact us by telephone, fax or email, we will ask you to explain the exact nature of your enquiry, and, if we can identify that your requirement is within our range of services, we will ask you to make an appointment, or we will ask you to send papers for us to assess that are relevant to your case. If your request is one that we believe will not succeed under the Government's published laws and policies, we will tell you, and we will not waste your time and money trying to process an impossible application. If, at a consultation, it is very quickly apparent that that we cannot help you, we will not charge you our consultation fee.

Our Fees

We publish our fees list, and we review fees annually. The fees are fixed for each type of application, so you know in advance what is payable. Our fees are payable on submmission of your application, including all Home Office fees.

Refund Policy

We cannot guarantee the success of any application, as the decision is not made by us. However, if an application that we advise on is unsuccessful due to any error on our part, and we are unable to have the decision changed, we have a policy of refund of some or all of our company's fee, dependant on the nature of the Department's refusal.

Our Services
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