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Graduate Trainee Visa is for overseas workers that can be transferred to the UK by their employer for a work placement in the UK as part of a graduate training course that leads to a senior managerial or specialist role.  

The Graduate Trainee Visa does not lead directly to settlement in the UK.  However, you may be able to switch into another immigration category that leads to settlement.  Applicants may be joined or accompanied by a partner and dependent children. There is no limit on the number of graduate trainees that a UK sponsor may sponsor. 

Requirements for a UK Global Business Mobility Visa: Graduate Trainee  

To qualify for a Graduate Trainee Visa, you will need to satisfy UK Visas and Immigration that: 

  • You are aged 18 or over; 

  • You are currently working for a business or organisation that is linked to your UK sponsor by common ownership or control, or by a joint venture on which you are sponsored to work. And you have worked outside the UK for this business for at least 3 months immediately before the date of your visa application; 

  • You have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship issued by your UK sponsor for the job you are planning to do; 

  • The job you are planning to do is genuine; 

  • The job you are planning to do is skilled to at least RQF Level 6; 

  • You will be paid a salary which equals or exceeds £23,100 per year and 70% of the pro-rated going rate for the occupation, whichever is higher; 

  • You have enough money to support yourself without relying on public funds; 

  • You have provided a valid TB certificate, if required. 

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Requirement 

The applicant must have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) assigned by a UK licensed sponsor for the job which they are planning to do in the UK. They must also be being sponsored for employment which is genuine. 

Your sponsor must be listed as A-rated on the Home Office’s register of licensed sponsors, unless you were last granted permission as a Secondment Worker and are applying to continue working for the same sponsor as in your last permission. 

Salary Requirement 

The applicants must be paid at least £23,100 per year, or the applicable going rate for the occupation code, whichever is higher. For most occupations, the applicable going rate is 70% of the full going rate. Although for some health and education occupations, workers must be paid the full going rate.


Immigration Skills Charge Requirement 

Employers that are authorised by the Home Office to sponsor a Graduate Trainee are not required to pay the Immigration Skills Charge. 

English Language Requirement 

Visa applicants do not need to satisfy an English language requirement. 

Graduate Trainee Visa Financial Requirement 

Subject to the exemptions below, you will need to have cash funds of at least £1,270 available. 

You will need to have held the money for at least 28 consecutive days ending not more than 31 days before the date of your Graduate Trainee Visa application. 

You will be exempt from the financial requirement if your sponsor is willing to meet your maintenance costs up to the end of the first month of your employment, to an amount of at least £1,270, if necessary.  Your sponsor will need to confirm this on your Certificate of Sponsorship. 

Length of Graduate Trainee Visa 

Graduate Trainees can come to the UK for up to one year at a time. However, this is up to the maximum cumulative period allowed on the Global Business Mobility categories of 5 years in any 6-year period. This means that any previous permission the worker has had on any of the categories, or the former ICT routes, will be taken into account by the Home Office when deciding what, if any, permission they can be granted under the Graduate Trainee route. 

a Graduate Trainee visa-holder cannot extend their visa, but they can apply for another Graduate Trainee visa from outside the UK, provided they don’t exceed the maximum cumulative period permitted. 

Dependants of Graduate Trainees 

 A Graduate Trainee Visa holder can be joined or accompanied by a dependent partner over the age of 18 and dependent children under the age of 18. 

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